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Major religions and beliefs of northern India: unlock India

Religion is not a new thing. Religion has existed since the first human landed on the earth. But religion and faiths keep on changing with time. In the same way, northern states also have seen centuries of religious evolution and changes. Now, perhaps, small changes still occur in the religious beliefs of people, but on the major part every state of northern side has an established religious belief. So let’s talk about Major religions and beliefs of northern India.

# Jammu-Kashmir:

Muslims are in majority here. They form 70% of total population. Hinduism is the 2nd major religion. Other religions are Sikhism, Christianity and Buddhism. Hindus have deep connection with Sarasvati, Surya, Shiva and Laxmi.


# Uttarakhand:

92% of population follows Hinduism. Sikhs form 2nd largest group. Hindus of Uttarakhand believe in supernatural powers and worship natural things. Their beliefs have distinct nature. They worship Mahasu, Duryodhana, Karna and Snakes. They are devotees of Ram family, Devi and Shiva.


# Himachal Pradesh:

95% of population of Himachal Pradesh is Hindu. Buddhist are 2nd abundant people. Hindus are believers of Devi and Shiva. They worship Himalayas, village deities like Rishi, Muni and Pandavas.


# Uttar Pradesh:

UP is the birth place of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Jainism and Buddhism also share their roots of evolution with this place. Major deities of Hindus of UP are Durga, Shiva, Krishna and family of Ram.


# Punjab:

Sikhism is major religion of Punjab. It is based on monotheism. Sikhs believe in Waheguru, and worship 10 Guru and Guru Granth Sahib. Hinduism is 2nd main religion. Hindus mainly revere Shiva, Devi maa and Ram family.


# Haryana:

Majority of people of Haryana is Hindu. Sikhs are in large number in district Ambala. People of Haryana worship Krishna, Shiva and Ram family with great faith and devotion. Here believers of Islam are mainly Rajput Muslims.  Islam has no concept of caste but 3 castes of Muslims exist here. Other religions are Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism.


Well, no matter what, peace is the main essence of all the religions.



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