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Dance forms of northern region of India: Enchanting Land

North India is full of cultures, traditions and vibrancy. This land is full of life and energy. Their dance forms are also one of the aspects of exotic variety in their lifestyle. They have diverse forms in dancing art including folk, classical, royal, modern and even religious dance forms. Their passion and devotion for dance is well depicted by the fact that they associate dance styles even with their gods like Lord Shiva and goddess Kali. Here we are with Dance forms of Northern region of India to make your feet move on their rhythm.

So let’s start!

# Kathak:

Kathak term is derived from Katha which means story. It has its roots of origin in Uttar Pradesh. It is a dance style that mainly uses body language to portray emotions specially related to love. The major feature of Kathak is bating of feet in synchronisation with music, and conveying any feeling through hand gestures and facial expressions.


# Rouf:

This is folk dance of Jammu-Kashmir. It is performed with fervour in festivals. Mostly it is department of Kashmiri women. They wear beautiful and colourful dresses and perform it in groups. It is performed on the beats of joyful Kashmiri music.


# Rasa Lila:

It is religious dance form that is common in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. It is believed that it is dance that Lord Krishna used to perform. It is intended to show love story of Krishna and Radha. Boys and girls dance together or only girls do it. Mostly it is arranged at night.


# Nati:

Nati is collection of seven dance forms that have origin in Himachal Pradesh. Most interesting is Kullu Nati that is performed until dancers have consumed all their energies.


# Bhangra:

Bhangra is folk dance of Punjab. It is performed with full energy on the beats of dhol. It contains some captivating tricks and feats. It is Punjabi way of expressing pleasure on the festival of Baisakhi.


So which one is your favourite? Or do you have other forms in mind? Do share!




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