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Wedding wears in Central India

India is famous country not only for its research, population, film industry, government but indeed very famous for its wedding wears. People all over the world take ideas from Indians to beautify their wedding ceremonies. Due to the variety of culture and beautiful designs, the wedding wears show variation from one place to another and from one state to another. In the same way Central India is unique for its wedding dresses. Let us discuss the Bridal wears of Central India.

  1. Madhya Pradesh:

It is called the “Heart of India”. It is not only known for its beautiful, heart wrenching sites but also known for its loveliest weddings. They are colourful and can’t be ignored.

Wedding outfit:

The most popular wedding wear seen in this area is Ghagra choli for girls. Some are seen to wear the Saris also. Full embroidered odhni makes the bride to look prettiest on her wedding day. Unlike the simple grooms, the grooms of this area wear dhoti along with safa or chanderi pagedi. Men also wear jacket called Bandi on top. Over the years Sari’s have been modernized and revolutionized by changing ghagra shape to new A shape and choli with intricate designs. Chanderi saris are more popular along with mahesvari saris. The whole dress is designed in bright colours.

Revolution with time:

Now a days the wedding dresses are revolutionized in the sense that ghagra choli is replaced by lehnga choli and dhoti by sherwani.

  1. Chhattisgarh:

It is known as “Dhan ka katora”. This region is famous for its natural beauty and culture. It is cultural potpourri of central india. This state is famous for its tribal weaving and batik bhandhini (tie-dye).

Wedding outfits:

Here the wedding clothes are prepared by cotton, silk or linen. The typical costume for men from tribal communities is Dhoti and headgear in form of turban. For women the wedding dress is never simple, they wear knee length or full length saris with bright attractive colours.

Well it sounds good to learn about their wedding attire! Have you planned your wedding wears?


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