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Discovering the bright culture of East Indian festivals

The eastern side of India has five states. The culture and traditions of all these states are intermingled with each other. These bright and colorful festivals represent the beauty, culture, myths of each state. Most of the east Indian festivals are usually at the beginning of the new year. Most of the festivals are also related to Buddhism and agriculture. These festivals gather people of different concepts and cultures together. East Indian festivals are full of music, beautiful costumes and delicious savories.

Let’s explore some famous east Indian festivals,

  • Bohag Bihu event: It is celebrated in Assam. It is celebrated at the beginning of Assami new year and is celebrated in April and usually starts from 14th April. The festival is celebrated thrice in a year as Rongali Bihu or Bohag, Kongali Bihu or Kaati and Bhogali Bihu and celebrated for seven days. Women wear the traditional sarees, children prepare Bihu dance for the fest. Bulls and cows are bathed during this and fed. A special dish called Pitha is made from rice, coconut, flour, sesame and jaggery. People also gift each other handwoven cloth or towel typically called Gamosa.
  • Matsu mong: It is celebrated in Nagaland. The festival is celebrated by Ao tribe after sowing the seeds for the new season. It starts on 1st May and ends on 3rd May. Wells are cleaned and beer is fermented for this. The men of the tribe wear special warrior dress and dance. Women sing songs to appreciate men. Dishes from seasonal vegetables and fruits dishes are made and served. Some popular drinks are also commonly served too.
  • Lossang: It is celebrated in Sikkim during December. The festival is celebrated during the start of agriculture season in Sikkim. The local prepare wear masks and hats usually of black colour along with yellow colour gowns and dance. Also, some of them act as warriors and fight. Channg called as red wine is drunk during this. People from the neighborhood are also invited.

If you want to explore the culture of east India, you must visit any of these festivals.

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