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Let’s unlock India: wedding attires of northern brides

North is famous for its modernism and extrovert people. They live their life fully. Every event there, is full of life and energy. Their wedding ceremonies are also a lively representation of their jolly and colourful moods. Though famous for their modern styles, these people have deep inclination to their traditional dressing style and jewellery. Their attachment with their traditions is evident from bridal attires. If you want to make your wedding look traditional as well as beautiful, here we are with an overview of wedding attires of northern brides in India.

# Outfits of Uttar Pradesh:

UP, as locals like to call it, is a blend of ethnic and contemporary living standard. Brides adorn themselves in red lehinga and choli. This attire gets completed with heavily embellished dupatta. Bridal look is incomplete without heavy jewellery, worn from head to toe. Most important of them are nathni, matha patti, necklace and anklet.

# Dresses of Uttarakhand:

This Himalayan land is affectionately called Uttaranchal or Devbhoomi. Their lifestyle is inspired from the beauty of nature. It is inhabited by many ethnic groups, therefore their wedding outfits are influenced by them. Pichoda is the most prominent component in pahadi  dress. It is traditional stole with brick red dots. Ornamental elements include payal (anklet), nathuli (traditional nose-ring) and anguthi (ring).

# Punjabi attires:

Punjabi wedding trousseau is treat to watch. Bride looks stunning in red or pink lehinga. Chooda is the most significant ornament in Punjabi wedding makeover. It is set of bangles gifted to bride from her maternal uncle. It usually comes in combination of two colour codes one red and other white. Chooda is complemented with golden trinkets called kalire.

# Haryanvi trousseau:

Wedding trousseau in Haryana has many  distinct characters. Traditional wedding wear includes thel (shirt), ghagri (skirt) and odhni (broad scarf). They are intricately embroidered to mark the special festivity. Kathla, mala and nath are one of the compulsory bridal ornaments.


In addition to this Kashmiris also don beautiful accessories like tarang a head cover for bride. For details stay tuned.

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