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Folk dance of western India: hues of India

Western region of India is famous for its folk dances and songs. Its dances are mainly performed in groups. Their costumes are specially designed for certain type of dance. Let’s discuss Folk dances of western India.

# Lavani:

It is genre of folk dance of Maharashtra. It is traditional dance that is performed by women. It is perfect combination of traditional songs and religious stories. Ladies wear traditional Marathi attires with beautiful ornaments.


# Garba:

It is beautiful Gujrati frolicking dance. It is group performance mostly performed by women but men also join them. It involves spell-bounding twist and turns which are teamed up with rhythmic clapping.


# Ghoomar:

Ghoomar is the most famous folk dance of in Rajasthan and is a group dance. It is Rajasthani replacement of Garba. It is performed in both wedding ceremonies and festivals. Women wear heavily embellished outfits. Main highlight is circular motions and exchange of sides with other groupmates.


# Koli:

Koli term basically comes from Koli tribe of Maharashtra. Fishermen of Maharashtra show their deep association with fishing by dancing Koli. Both men and women perform it by forming two rows.


# Divlyan Nach:

It is folk dance of Goa that is performed on Shigmo festival. It is performed by Goans by balancing brass lamp on head. This seems soothing to eye.


# Bhavai:

It is dance style that mainly focuses on balancing. Mostly women performers do it. Women place number of pitchers on their head, stand on the rim of a plate or a bottle and give smooth arm-sways.


# Padhar:

It is eye-catching dance form of Padhar tribe of Gujrat. The chief element of this style is to focus the life of mariners. It is full of fun and joy.


# Dandya:

Who doesn’t know famous Dandya? It is popular both in Gujrat and Rajasthan. Dancers use sticks to carry out this dance style. Sticks are called Dandya hence the name of the dance. It combines the hitting together of dandya and subsequent turns.


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