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Colourful festivals of South India: Discovering India!

The beautiful and diverse culture of south India is reflected by its colourful festivals. each state has its own culture and festivals. these festivals represent their uniqueness and history. South India is considered as a home for a lot of bright festivals.

  • ONAM: It is celebrated in Kerala during the first month of Malayalam calendar which is also called harvest month. It occurs in august to September. People of all the communities and caste group together to celebrate it. The festival lasts for 10 days. Women wear traditional white saree with golden embellishment and decorate their home with lights and colours. In front of the house door, special patterns with colours are made. Women wear flowers in their head because the festival is also called rain of flowers. Special dances like Thiruvathira kali or Chikoti kali are prepared for the festival. Nine seasonal fruits and vegetables are served on leave as Sadya.
  • PONGAL: Pongal is celebrated on 14th of January in Tamil Nadu. The word Pongal means to boil, during this, the milk is boiled in clay pots. It is a myth that it brings prosperity to your home. The festival lasts for 4 days. Rice prepared in boiled milk called kheer is presented to the god of the sun. The farmers harvest rice, sugarcane, turmeric and cereals during these four days. Women wear colourful sarees and pray for their home.
  • THIRSSUR POORAM: It is celebrated in Kerala during April or May which is mid of Malayalam calendar. Lord Shiva is worshipped during this festival. The festival is named after the mother of poorams which was Thrissur pooram. Musical and dance performances are held during the fest. Elephants are decorated and crats are done on them and exhibited during the festival.
  • UGADI: It is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh during the month Chaitra which falls in March-April. The festival is celebrated to welcome the lunar year. Raw mango chutney is made during the fest. People take holy bath and wear new clothes. Women make Rangolis and mango dishes are served.

Look at how diverse and colourful festivals we have in our beautiful India. These fests are the real beauty of India.



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