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Festivals of Central India

Festival is a day of time set aside for feasting and celebration. It is not related  to or the property of one man or one group but is celebrated generally. They could be religious as well as non religious. Non religious include cultural, social, political or any memory related to any past event, good or bad. Many festivals are celebrated in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh including major Indian festivals. Here all tribes have their own festivals. Let’s discuss some of these festivals celebrated in Central India’s states with you.

Festivals of Central India:

  1. Cherchera:

It is the unique festival of Chhattisgarh. It is celebrated after every harvest in a special way when the people of this area go to ask for rice which is staple crop. This rice is cooked and distributed among local public. The people enjoy dancing, singing folk song specially Bihav and pathoni songs are more famous.

  1. Gangaur:

It is celebrated happily through out the state of Madhya Pradesh. This event has special importance related to religion. There lies the concept of husband Shiva and her wife Gori, who stayed in Rajasthan. The people believe that they come once in a year. So they make idols of Gori and Shiva, and worshiped them.

  1. Gordhan:

This festival is celebrated after Diwali in the memory of legend Krishna who saved his village from drowning by holding mighty Govardhan mountain. This festival is related to cows and cattle. The cattle are decorated. People enjoy dancing and feasting.

  1. Khajuraho dance festival:

It is celebrated at the end of winter. This event is colourful and characterized by brilliant dance forms. It represents rich cultural fervour. It is celebrated from 20 to 26 February each year.

  1. Tanseen Samaroh :

It is celebrated each year in the month of December in Madhya Pradesh. It is four day musical celebration to pay tribute to famous singer Tanseen. It is organized near the tomb of Tanseen where artists gather from all over the world.

Did you enjoy reading these festivals? Do you have other festivals in mind?


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