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Fish industry in India: flourishing business in India

India is the second-largest fish producing industry in Asia. The country export 11,34,948 metric seafood yearly. This proves how developed and huge is the fish industry in India. India has far stretching coastlines. Also 8,129 kilometers of the seashore and 195,210 kilometers of rivers and canals. There are 3827 fishing villages too. According to a survey conducted by food and agriculture organization, India employs 14 million people and the industry is increasing 10 times each year.

  • History: Years back Indian people use to culture fish in the ponds and rivers as their tradition. Katila’s Arthashastra started culturing fish in the small ponds as a religious tradition in 300 B.C. Whereas King Samsara’s Manasollasa uses to culture fish in his ponds in a palace.
  • Financial assistance: As the industry is growing bigger there are a lot of employment opportunities too. The industry is contributing 14.5 million people by providing them with employment. Due to the high exports of fish, a ministry has made which keep a check and help to provide the industry with all resources. India water resources produce 67-79% fish more than half of which is exported. The country earns ₹37,870.90 crore yearly from the fish industry.
  • Most fish producing states: Aquaculture is also called as fish farming. Fishing in India is mostly done in the areas near the coastline.
  • West Bengal: Catla is famous fish of West Bengal and is found in freshwater. West Bengal is considered as the largest state where fishes are cultivated.
  • Andhra Pradesh: Pulasa fish is the specialty of Andhra Pradesh that is found in Godavari river. Other fish like carp etc. are also found here.
  • Gujrat: Tilapia fish is cultivated and found in many states of Gujrat. Freshwater prawns of the Gujrat are also famous. Open sea farming is also done in Gujrat.
  • Kerala: Karmen fish is the important fish of Kerala and is found in the black waters of Kerala. Oysters and shrimps are also found here which are exported and eaten in India commonly.

Are you a seafood lover? What’s your favorite fish?

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