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Languages of Northern India: unlock India

North side of India is located in Indo-Gangetic plains. Most languages of northern India contain hilly flavour. The dominant language is Hindustani that is spoken here in different dialects. Hindustani is considered as mother of Urdu and Hindi. But there are numerous other languages that are spoken here. So let’s discover those Languages of Northern India.

Languages of northern states:


# Jammu-Kashmir:

Official language of Jammu-Kashmir is Urdu. While Dogri is mainly spoken in Jammu and Kashmiri is the main language of Kashmir.


# Uttarakhand:

There are 6 main languages of Uttarakhand. Its languages contain natural aroma in accent. There are many tribes in Uttarakhand and tribal languages are  common here. Hindi is official language of this state. Besides, Sanskrit, Garhwali, Kumaoni, Jaunsari and Urdu are also spoken there.


# Himachal Pradesh:

The official language is obviously Hindi. While Pahari is the widely spoken language here. Dogri, Punjabi, Kangri and Kinnauri are also the native languages of this state.


# Uttar Pradesh:

Official languages of Uttar Pradesh are Hindi and Urdu. In addition to this Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Bundelkhandi and Braj are also in common use. English is in use in developed areas.


# Punjab:

Punjabi is main and official language of Punjab. Other popular languages are Hindi, English and Urdu.


# Haryana:

Hindi and English are official languages of Haryana. While Punjabi, Haryanvi (a dialect of Hindi) and Hindi are commonly spoken languages. In border areas, Haryanvi has influence of the neighbour states, that’s why it has touch of Punjabi, Rajasthani and UP languages.


Languages of northern Union Territories:


# Delhi:

In terms of language Delhi is a diverse place. There is no specific language of Delhi. As Delhi is inhabited by different ethnic groups, so their languages are spoken in Delhi. These languages are English, Hindi, Urdu, Garhwali, Marwari, Haryanvi, Punjabi, Bengali and Bhojpuri.


# Chandigarh:

English is official language of Chandigarh. Hindi, Punjabi and English are mainly spoken there. Some people also use Haryanvi. But mostly people use mixture of Hindi and Punjabi.


So friends, what is your favourite language? Do share.


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