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Land of blue waves and white sand Malpe beach

Besides many other beaches in India. Malpe beach is one of the most beautiful places in India. The malpe beach is a tourist paradise and is visited by many tourists per year. The beach is covered with white sand which appears as white crystals in moonlight increasing the beauty of the beach. The place is also surrounded by a lot of trees and mountains. The beach is also known for many water sports activities and fishing.

  • Location

Malpe beach is in the south of India in a state called Karnataka. It is in a small town called Udupi. It is a natural port and located in the west of Karnataka. It flows in river Swarna Nandi. It is one of the most important ports of India.

  • Weather:

In summers the weather is humid and breezy in but cold in the night time. But as the sun is very exposed in summers so people avoid going in summers. However, in monsoon, you can visit it as the weather is rainy and sultry so avoid going on the beach. The best months to visit the beach is from October to December.

  • Moogaveeras community:

The beach and its surroundings are covered by localities called moogaveeras. Most of them are fishermen. Even the women of this community do the fishing business. Fishing industry is one of the biggest industries of the city.

  • Local languages:

Tulu, Urdu, Kannada and kaki are the local languages of this place. Most of the people understand these languages.

  • Activities on the maple beach:

Many adventurous sports activities are done on the malpe beach-like,

  • Water sport activities:

You can enjoy a lot of water activities with your friends and family. Jet ski rides are here for people’s enjoyment. Speed boat, motorcycle and water skiing are also available. For more enjoyment banana rides, surfing and water boat cruises are also available.

  • Adventure activities:

Other adventure activities like trekking, white river rafting, rock climbing and kayaking can also be done for enjoyment. You can also observe parasailing and such activities on the beach.


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